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Words kept secret

Some Thing About Thinking

Sometimes it’s better to shut up; sometimes it’s not a choice, you have to hold, to keep all your thoughts inside.
Maybe because it’s not worth to discuss; maybe because no one is willing to listen or just because the time is not right.
So, I hold on, I know that I’m in mistake in some way all the time,’cause I feel frustrated and angry and the words that are born from that are better never to be told.
It’s so hard to feel this need to be wanted so much, but … nevermind.

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One Hundred Happy Moments #53: Blogging

Shutting Down

This is Another Story

This morning, I woke up, un-energized. My body ached while my brain felt like it’s gone into shut-down mode. I cannot think of one thing to write. I looked at the Daily Prompt and cannot think of one situation to relate.

I think my body probably ached from yesterday. After getting home from school, I spent the remainder of the day painting the basement with mom. She painted the ceiling and a vast majority of the walls while I painted the tiny areas like the corner and the foot of the wall. She even had me paint the new linen closet in the newly constructed hallway.

I guess that’s where the pain in my back came from, from getting down on my horrible knees, even after surgery, and painting that tiny space. I do hope I don’t have to move much today because I am walking like a drunk at…

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All I Want Is… Books!!

30 August 2014.

Interesting thoughts

When Priority is Time and Time is Precious

Fortress of Dissolitude

timeYou’re not getting to the things you want to get to. Whether they are a passion or a hobby or a great idea you’re just not getting to them.

You want them to be a priority but you’re unable to carve out time for them.

It all comes down to time. Time is measurable quantity that we are all bound by. You can’t buy it borrow it or steal it.

So by default what you spend time on is the current priority. How you spend your time is the real-time indicator of your priorities. Ponder that for a moment. Your priorities are defined by what you spend time on.

The frustration occurs when the priorities of your actions are in conflict with the priorities of your desires.

So, what do we think about that?

An initial reaction could be “Duh, nobody has enough time for all their priorities.” Another could…

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Hi, Dear Ones: notes on depression & OCD, friendship & dreams (+ meet my dear friend the dancer)

Judging a Book by Its Lover, by Lauren Leto

Blogging for a Good Book

LoverWhat are books all about? No, not the plots, but the culture of books and readers. Are the books we choose a shortcut to our identities via our fantasies and fears? Are they instruments to demonstrate our superiority or to hide our inferiority, raise our children by, choose our friends with? If anyone’s qualified to take on these questions, it’s reader / blogger / tech geek / woman-about-town Lauren Leto.

In a series of short essays, Leto writes about testing new romantic prospects by taking them to bookstores, or by starting a conversation, and laments that the growth of e-readers makes it impossible to cover-snoop. (Barry and I used to do that at airports to pick out the librarians. Not for romance, mind you, but to see if 50 Shades of Grey went with the shoes.) Where you read what you read is another clue, as are the books…

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Life at Grasmere and Reading Other People’s Diaries

Life at Grasmere and Reading Other People's Diaries.

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