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Labour tweet Nov 2019

The explosion of social media in recent years means that real life General Election campaigning is complemented by the online variety.
The Tories are flooding Facebook with adverts, paid for by millionaire hedge fund donors, but Labour members are winning the online battle in the current election.

Two weeks ago, home from a positive spell on the Labour doorstep, I posted an enthusiastic two minute video about the experience on Twitter, and started a hashtag, #VoteLabourVideos.

Over a few days, I started Tweeting other people who were posting similar videos, urging them to use the hashtag, and the message started to grow.
Now more and more people are posting the videos, often linking them with the Momentum #VideosByTheMany campaign. Several prominent left wing figures (including Rachael Swindon and Chelley Ryan) have added support with Retweets. Many of the videos have been watched by thousands of people, some of them by tens of thousands of people, across Twitter and Facebook in just a few days.

Tanya Shaw’s piece about the effect of Tory austerity on her local community, and the belief that Labour can help rebuild it, has been watched 31,000 times in less than a week!

I am seeing ordinary Labour Party members, who have never previously put a video on the Internet – because they are struggling with illness, or lack of confidence – offering brilliant and articulate cases, based in personal experience, and being encouraged by others who feel strongly about our cause.

At the 2017 Election, Labour were 750,000 votes behind the Tories nationally.

In 2019, if each of Labour’s 500,000 members can convert just two people, we could gain 1,000,000 votes.

Real conversations, recounted in videos, mean more than Tory adverts.

I believe talking head videos are an authentic, and effective, campaigning tool for Labour. This is real democratic debate, it is reaching many people, and I believe it can go further.

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