Tales from an author

Obsessive Compulsive Asperger

I have just published a book with the above title. For the moment it is only available on Amazon Kindle, but a paper version should arrive in a week or so.

The book is an attempt to explain a constant experience of feeling different to most people.

“Variety is the spice of life”, as the old saying says. Across many years, with a lot of multi-tasking, I have played the roles of writer, public servant, political activist, something in the City, minor television personality, very amateur footballer, raconteur, publicist, winner of table tennis plus disco dancing competitions, and English eccentric.

Most of this activity has taken place in obscurity, but there have been numerous moments of public recognition, at intervals across several decades.

There is usually more than one side to a story.

In contrast to the upbeat impression I like to convey, the book stems from my dealing with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Asperger Syndrome. I have been gripped by many obsessions, alongside a range of enthusiasms. The writing is an attempt to provide insight into the thought processes of somebody with a mental health condition, or combination, which can be defined as Obsessive Compulsive Asperger.

In one respect, my book is different to any other that I have read. The passage of time is something that features constantly in my thoughts. References in the text to dates during my lifetime are highlighted in bold. Words linked to my feelings of anxiety also appear in bold. This may not make for the easiest reading, but it does reflect the experience I have of focussing on dates and sources of anxiety.

Another obsession is the search for something magical – perhaps unobtainable. Amidst frequent difficulty with mental health, I am blessed with wonderful moments of happiness – as beautiful and fragile as the life of a butterfly.

I hope this has been of interest to readers.  The plan is for this to be the first in a series of posts about the experiences that have led to the book.

Thank you for reading




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