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Labour Purge Day 19 – The Battle Continues

Yesterday evening I travelled from Southampton to London to attend a public meeting called by Labour Against the Witch Hunts, a group battling against the unfair suspension of thousands of members of the Labour Party.

As people at the meeting exchanged their experiences of arbitrary suspension, by the dreaded Compliance Unit, and the unclear appeal process, phrases such as Kafkaesque and Orwellian were used. It is so sad to see the methods being used by the right to attack the resurgence of a left movement built around Jeremy Corbyn. One of the key messages was do not be silent – we must continue to publicly oppose, and expose, the methods of the Labour Purge.

Labour Against the Witch Hunts have organised a petition, to be delivered to the National Executive Committee, asking for emergency action to lift suspensions, and restore voting rights in the leadership election. If you have not done so, please sign the petition – link below.

National Executive Committee of the Labour Party: Hold Emergency NEC Meeting to quash suspensions, expulsions & refusal of memberships

There is also a short survey gathering evidence about the suspensions.

The announcement two days ago that Ronnie Draper and Pamela Fitzpatrick have had their suspensions lifted is good news. It is also shows the previous announcement from Labour HQ that they will not deal with appeals until after the leadership election concludes to be untrue.

The last few days have seen a further round of suspensions of Corbyn supporters, as the unaccountable right wing clique at party HQ continue attempts to gerrymander the leadership election. They have even suspended a nephew of former Labour Prime Minister, Clement Attlee.


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