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Labour Suspension News – You Read it Here First!

The pressure on Labour Party headquarters to explain the shambles into which the leadership ballot has descended is clearly increasing. The daily exposure of the process should lead to a rethink, if Labour HQ wish to retain credibility in the face of charges of vote-rigging.

Here are three new developments:

1 Jeremy Corbyn has, in his usual diplomatic way, told the Guardian about his concerns over the running of the contest. Corbyn says “I’m surprised at the numbers of people who’ve been denied a vote and I’m surprised at the lack of reason that’s been given to people. I’m concerned about that because surely in a democratic process everyone should be entitled to vote unless there is some very good reason against them”. The Guardian also report that Corbyn has asked for the names of all the party members denied a vote – the Mirror has suggested there are 7,000 such people.

2 Labour Against the Witch Hunts, a group of activists I have joined, have launched a petition, calling upon the NEC to lift the suspensions, and allow all party members to vote. Please can readers of this Blog sign, and share, the petition.

3 A modest Blogger may be making news! A piece on the Canary website today reports that Labour does not intend to investigate the suspensions until after the leadership election. The source for this revelation is shown to be correspondence between a party member and Labour HQ, mentioned on Twitter, and first unveiled on a certain Blog a lot of people have been reading.

Thanks for reading and …….please sign the petition.








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