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Suspended from the Labour Party – Day 11

Yesterday I reported here that Labour HQ have said suspensions will not be investigated until AFTER the leadership ballot. Is this the end of the road? There are reasons to believe it is not.

I am in touch with Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign team, who are working to highlight the issue of arbitrary suspension.

Awareness of the issue is growing, with both the Guardian and Independent having published letters from party members in the last few days.

There is increasing determination among the suspended party members to fight against this injustice.

I went to a picnic today, joining fellow Jeremy Corbyn supporters in Southampton. It rained for much of the time, but we were sheltered under a bandstand. Much of the conversation obviously revolved around the leadership contest. It was good to be among friends, who sympathised with my plight, but re-telling the sorry detail yet again was a struggle. Once the rain stopped, I joined some blokes and lads in a football kickabout – it was good to remember innocent fun.

This evening I have completed writing a piece for the Labour Insider Blog, about the mental health implications for people caught in the Labour purge. I will update here when it appears there.

Once again, thank you to the people reading this Blog. My series of posts about the suspension have been viewed over 13,000 times in little more than a week. The many messages of support, on the Blog, Twitter, Facebook – and even real life – mean a great deal to me.

I still believe in Labour Party democracy, and we can work together to restore this.





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One thought on “Suspended from the Labour Party – Day 11

  1. David J-S on said:

    My own personal problem is not one of suspension. I’ve actually been told explicitly I am eligible to vote (I’m a fully paid up Member who had no problem obtaining votes for last year’s leadership contest or the recent NEC vote) but have received neither postal or email vote to date. I have (online and on the phone) requested my vote get resent but to no avail. I was told yesterday “the email could take a week to come through” which seems to defy all laws of physics, but still. I’m furious at their appalling ineptitude and casual disregard for justice and propriety and feel incredibly powerless.

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