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Labour HQ say suspensions not being investigated until AFTER leadership ballot

Today has brought official confirmation from the Labour Party of the scenario many people feared. Having prevented thousands of Corbyn supporters from voting in the leadership election, with draconian suspensions, the anti-Corbyn clique at headquarters are blocking members from an appeal process that could allow their votes to be reinstated. This is a travesty of party democracy, and an insult to thousands of loyal Labour people.

I finally received an email from the compliance department at Labour headquarters today, but this merely repeated the vague suspension letter.

I replied as follows:


I do not feel that your email really deals with the issues that I have raised in a series of five emails sent to the Labour Party, between August 25 and August 31, contesting my suspension. I presume you have the emails on record, but can re-send them if required.

To summarise my position:

1 As a loyal member of the Labour Party for 32 years, I am aggrieved that I have been suspended, on the basis of unsubstantiated allegations about comments on Twitter. Suspending me on this basis is contrary to natural justice. I have been found guilty without trial.

2 The suspension letter mentions an investigation, but does not give a timescale for this, and I have not been contacted by regional office. I seek an assurance that a decision on my suspension will be made in time for me to vote in the leadership election, assuming that the suspension is lifted.

3 I had a telephone conversation with the compliance department on August 30, having been told, in line with NEC guidance, that they would provide me with the evidence on which I had been suspended. Compliance said the evidence would be emailed to me, but I have not received it.

4 I have Asperger Syndrome and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, long-term mental health conditions, and feel I should be entitled to expect reasonable adjustments, in accordance with the Equality Act, in the way that the Labour Party deals with my appeal against suspension. The suspension is adding to my anxiety. I feel that the Labour Party’s delay in dealing with the appeal is disadvantaging myself as a disabled person. I have been deprived of my vote in the current leadership election, thereby infringing on my right to take part in the democratic political processes in Britain.

I am copying this email to X, who was part of the NEC panel looking at possible suspensions, and argued against the suspension of myself.

This is the tenth day of my suspension, I renew the request for fair treatment, along with a prompt and detailed response to the points I have raised.

Thank you

Andrew Godsell

The compliance department responded:

Dear Andrew,

Thanks for getting in touch.

As I said in my email below, the investigating officer will be in touch in due course but this will not be before the conclusion of the leadership election. The is due to the extra work the election creates for staff, meaning we do not have the resources to complete investigations in this timescale. Unfortunately I am unable to give you an exact date as to when you will be contacted.

If you have requested the evidence that your suspension is based on, this will be sent to you in 5 working days from the date you requested it.

We will of course make reasonable adjustments for disabilities, I would advise you to let the investigating officer know when they contact you of any reasonable adjustments you require and why will do their best to accommodate these.

All the best,


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12 thoughts on “Labour HQ say suspensions not being investigated until AFTER leadership ballot

  1. David Clee on said:

    Unbelievable, even apart from the mental health angle – and I can sympathise with that as my son is also Asperger’s.

    The totalitarian mind in action.

    Dunno if it helps, but I’d say your posts do more for the cause than a little old vote. Keep them coming.

  2. Linda Irvine on said:

    This is both shocking and disgusting that those who are not allowed to vote cannot have a reason untill after the leadership election!
    What has happened to all the money of those that are barred from voting and why are there no resources to pay for people’s replays
    If those people weren’t barred from voting on a mass scale then both personnel and monies would be there for the few that can’t vote!!

  3. I’m not surprised by your refusal to investigate why people have been excluded from the Labour leadership election – your behaviour re Corbyn has made it unlikely that you will ever be respected again by decent people. Might is not, and on its own, is never right – though considering all the right wing support you are receiving from the media, perhaps it is in this case – Right rather than right. I am in my 80th year and have never in my life despised a Tory party as much as the present one. To be made aware that it is not important to the ‘labour hierarchy’ is s great shock – no wonder we are turning to a leader in Corbyn who does find it important to work all the hours to try to stop them.

  4. It is obvious to anybody with half a brain that they will not deal with anything to do with the PURGE until AFTER JCs ELECTION! This must be a deliberate effort to reduce Jeremy Corbyn s mandate.

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  6. If this isn’t being resolved until after the election (I assume a large number won’t be either.

    If we ultimately find that:
    Most of those suspended would have voted for Corbyn.
    And a sizable proportion are reinstated.

    I think we are entitled to complain about the stink of a very large and very smelly rodent!


  7. When (and if) these appeals do take place, we need a few things; firstly a substantial and representative sample taken of the disenfranchised to see whether they would have voted Corbyn or Smith; secondly the total number of those who where suspended must be revealed (inlcuding all reasoning) and, thirdly a full and transparent account as to the reasons these poeple have been excluded. They managed 56,000 last time and that was without the assistance of former NEC workers (i.e. now unelected) who should have nothing to do with this process, let alone be allowed in the building and should not be involved, as well as opaque groups such as ‘Saving Labour’ and ‘Labour Tomorrow’ who managed to find (i.e. buy) over 2,000 Twitter followers before they had even launched -prohibiuted by Twitter) who are refusing to reveal their backers Thats before we even get started on the opacity of funding for these groups and the involvement and influence of ‘Progress’ the real party within a party

  8. Barry Keightley on said:

    Amazing that they have the resources to suspend members but not to investigate the suspensions

    • It is obvious that somebody within Labour want to reduce Corbyn s majority by purging members who were told they had a vote, and then dealing with their appeals AFTER THE ELECTION! methinks I smell a rat!

  9. I have been calling members as part of the ‘Jeremy Corbyn for Labour Leader Campaign’ and have been appalled and shaken by what many have told me. They were all initially hesitant to answer my question as they said that they had been called by the Labour Party and asked various intrusive and disquieting questions. Questions, such as: whether they were affiliated to other organisations; how they had voted in the last two general elections; how they voted in the last leadership election; which trade union they belonged to; why they voted for the Labour Party; whether they had voted for another Party and so on. This feels similar to Mccarthyism and the 1950’s Committee for un-American activities, very sinister. People are being frightened into not revealing their true feelings. What has the Labour Party turned into?

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