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Suspended from the Labour Party Day 4

We have built a mass movement Labour Party, with around 600,000 members, ready to defeat the Tories, but a small group of people at the headquarters are suspending people, removing their vote in the leadership election, causing a lot of resentment and demoralisation.

Back again, with another update.

On Twitter I have described this as Day 4 of suspension by the Labour NEC from the Big Brother House.

There has been much Tweeting today, sharing ideas and support with other people fighting the Labour Party purge. Things are being planned with other purged supporters of Jeremy Corbyn.

My initial Blog post about suspension has been viewed over a thousand times in 48 hours.

Following on from the appeal against suspension, I have sent another email to the General Secretary of the Labour Party today – as follows:

Mr McNicol 

Further to my email below, I wish to make a subject access request in accordance with section 7 of the Data Protection Act 1988 

Please can you advise the process for my obtaining copies of all the searchable material the Labour Party holds on myself. 

I am particularly interested in finding out the specific detail of the allegations that led to my suspension, the person/s who made allegations, and the process whereby they were considered before you suspended me from the Labour Party.

Thank you

I shall return soon, hopefully with more progress.




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