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The Labour Purge – Day 3

I have decided to battle against this, and make public the progress of the fight. I believe in transparency, whereas the people who have suspended me appear to be operating in secret. I am aware that thousands of other members of the Labour Party face the same situation, being disenfranchised by the party machine.

I said the above yesterday, and events since then strengthen my belief in the campaign of Jeremy Corbyn supporters against the “Labour Purge”.

John McDonnell spoke out about the issue yesterday, on behalf of Jeremy Corbyn, and his comments have been widely reported in national mainstream media. Ahead of this both the Canary and Huffington Post featured this weeks targeted suspension of Corbyn supporters, which is an attempt to gerrymander the leadership election.

Two days ago I was suspended from the Labour Party.

Yesterday I wrote about this on my Blog.

Now it is day 3, and there are already enough developments to warrant another Blog post, telling the story from a personal angle.

The initial post has been viewed over 700 times in 24 hours – this is far more my attention than my modest Blog has ever received before..

My associated messages on Twitter yesterday and today have prompted hundreds of replies and Retweets, including much excellent advice. There have been many personal messages of support. I have been contacted by some Owen Smith supporters, who have known me to be a decent member of the Labour Party for many years, and do not want the suspension to continue.

I have been been contacted by two BBC journalists, wishing to gain an insight into the gathering controversy.

Unfortunately I have not yet received a reply from the man at the centre of the storm, Iain McNicol, but my email challenging the suspension did give him a 6 day window so perhaps he is thinking about things!

More likely the situation is that my case is one of thousands of Corbyn supporters, with staff at Labour headquarters busy suspending loyal comrades they know nothing about, on the basis of flimsy evidence.

Thank you for reading, and a final thought for now:

be annoyed

be upset

but most of all

be determined to win the battle for Labour Party democracy



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2 thoughts on “The Labour Purge – Day 3

  1. The last thing that we must do in the face of these outrages is to become outraged

  2. Allan Challenger on said:


    Thank goodness Ive found your blog; I recieved a similar email letter to yours yesterday – referencing 2 posts on social media giving dates but no detail. So far today have been going round in circles trying to progress this issue with LP (said they’ll send some ‘evidence’ out in about 4 days, still awaiting phone call back from my Union solicitors…had some unsolicited support from a local Labour Councillor who works with Angela Raynor so he is offering support – but a blessing to find your blog as you are a little ahead of me in this morass

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