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How It All Began

Read this book when it was first published 1987 – great account of the Profumo scandal

Caroline Kennedy: My Travels

It was in the attic of an old English farmhouse, on a lovely autumn evening in September 1984, that this book had its beginnings. Two years earlier Caroline Kennedy, doing some research for a television film, had arrived at this same house to interview the owner, Pelham Pound. As they talked she found out he was an old friend of her late brother-in-law, Dominick Elwes.

Dominick Elwes and Tessa Kennedy (the author's sister) Dominick Elwes and Tessa Kennedy (the author’s sister)

Later in the day the discussion turned to Elwes’s friendship with Dr Stephen Ward, the society osteopath, who had committed suicide at the height of the Profumo scandal in 1963. Elwes, her host said, had stood bail for Stephen Ward, had worked with him on a proposed television programme about his life and had produced a film entitled, The Christine Keeler Story. In a trunk in his attic, Pound explained, he had tape recordings and scripts…

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  1. Thanks Andrew, much appreciated!

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