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The Serial Comma: Blood or Brains

Trawling around Worpress, found this about the Oxford Comma – I am a supporter

Quoth The Wordsmith

Serial Comma ComicA serial comma, also known as an Oxford comma, is something that causes fairly heated debates between readers and writers alike. Journalists generally despise it, and old-fashioned writers adore it.

If you aren’t familiar with what a serial comma is, then I’ll give you a quick overview:

1) I had eggs, toast, and orange juice for breakfast.

2) I had eggs, toast and orange juice for breakfast.

The first uses a serial comma. The second does not. The serial comma is the second comma in the first example and it is used to separate and distinguish different items in a list. I use them in my own writing, but a colleague of mine, who I collaborate with on almost every writing project that we undertake, does not. We both have our reasons, and although I regard her opinions highly, I like to think that I am correct (insert stubbornness here).


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