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Are You a Good Writer?

Quoth The Wordsmith

Male ProfileWhether you write professionally or personally, I’m betting you have a little voice in your head that asks you once in awhile if you think that you’re actually a writer, and if you really think that you’re good at it. Sometimes, that voice may even tell you that you’ll never have a book or story published, and that you shouldn’t even bother trying. I have been working as a writer for years now, and I still get that voice in my head. I had my first flash story published a short while ago, and that nasty little voice still tells me that it was a fluke. I write for businesses every day, and my work is proven to increase their profitability, but I still get that miserable little voice in my head telling me that I’m just not up to par.

Why? Because a big part of human emotion and…

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