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‘In It Together’ by Matthew D’Ancona

Interesting insight into the COn_DEM nightmare

Adrian Masters

In It Together by Matthew D'AnconaIf you have the slightest interest in the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government, this book is essential reading. It explains how the coalition came about (and how much secret preparation had been made in the run-up to the 2010 election despite public disavowals) and how it continued to exist despite some severe internal and external pressure.

He has a very wry and witty way that turn some sentences into slogans, for example on the way that politicians find things to say and do when the cameras are on them:

But politicians are like quantum particles: they respond to observation.

As you’d expect from a former editor of the Spectator, Matthew D’Ancona is particularly good on the character and character flaws of the Conservatives. On their obsession with leadership, he writes:

The party had long been in the grip of the delusion that everything flows from the leadership. The trouble with this misapprehension…

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