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An Animalistic Coup

Interesting political poem I found wandering through WordPress



Animal Farm meets Gulliver’s Travels!  Although this is a comic poem you may find satirical allusions to political situations both past and present.

An Animalistic Coup

His mantra was four legs good;

two legs bad. His dream was to topple

two legs – even if it meant

all animals were equal

but some were more equal

than others; even if it meant

tilting at windmills or dressing up

and walking on two legs. The bottom line

was that two legs were to be banished,

the raging bull would lie down with the lamb,

private ownership would be abolished,

all produce of the farm would be held

in common ownership and brotherly love

would be the new market force.

All was on track until a herd of Houyhnhnms

muscled in on the act. Two of them struck up the pose

of Rodin’s Thinker, jaws resting on hooves.

They deliberated, interrogated; debated…

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