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Conflict and El Clasico in the Little Town of Bethlehem

What's left of the Left?

(Article originally published by FourFourTwo Magazine in their October 2012 issue)

On October 7th all eyes will be on the city of Barcelona, as Real Madrid visit Camp Nou in the world’s biggest football match. A day where vast numbers of the Spanish population will be noticeably divided into two footballing camps, one Barça, the other Real, readying themselves for the first league clash of the season.

Yet two thousand miles away, sits a town, which may just rival Spain when it comes to enthusiastic support and footballing passion when El Clásico comes around.

Overlooked my military watchtowers and surrounded by a concrete wall twice the height of the Berlin Wall sits the town of Bethlehem. With two crowded refugee camps and the constant possibility of conflict – a staple of Palestinian life in the West Bank – Bethlehem should be a grim place. Certainly, it differs from…

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